Manga Recommendations (for the manga newbie)

Manga recommendations for those looking to venture into the world of Japanese comics. Disclaimer: these are just the essentials based on my opinion/experience in reading manga over the years. These may very well not appeal to you, but they're definitely worthy of being the first manga you dig into. For you manga/anime vets: Hey guuuuys...I'm [...]

Tools of the Trade

Over the years I've used all different king of tools. There was a period of time back in high school when I thought "I'm only as good as the tools I use"...and oh how wrong I was... As you may know, traditionally Japanese manga artists use fountain pens(most commonly the 'g-pen') , and so I [...]


A quick post with a warm welcome. So, this is it. My blog. My first one, actually. I honestly didn't know if I was going to do this, but I decided that I wanted a more personal space in which to share my art and watch it grow ... on my own terms. A growth [...]