My Horribly Hostile Hiatus

Oh my dear blog how I’ve missed you so …

No, no I didn’t willingly neglect my blog..Ok maybe if I decided to walk through fire and rain to keep the posts more frequent, I would not have neglected it so badly..

But life does indeed happen, and I needed to sort out some private affairs. Nevertheless, in the time I’ve been away I’ve done some traveling to Europe, and I’ve seen a lot of inspirational things along the way.




I can’t wait to share the ideas inside of my head with you on my blog. Updates will be a lot more frequent so be sure to check back every now and then.

I’m not going to say “New Year~ New Me~ ” …. I’m personally not a firm believer of New Years ‘Resolutions’. Not because I don’t believe in changing one’s self for the better. That’s fantastic! I just specifically don’t believe in New Years ‘Resolutions’ … they only seem to last for a day or so, no?

ok maybe a month MAX but I’ve never seen one survive beyond that anyway. You can start being a better you any day of the year. There is no magical force that increases the power of your promises to yourself on the 31st of December or the 1st of January.

Or is there…



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