This grand spanking new series has been brought to you by Shonen Jump: The pimp daddies of the manga and anime industry.

Warning: I’ll be doing a quick synopsis for a manga that has just started serialization. I won’t go into too much detail (Character names, etc) but I will be talking about the general plot. Avoid this post if you want to avoid any spoilers all together.

I personally don’t fancy ‘slice of life’ manga too much. I don’t completely hate them all, but the ones I like usually have something really strange about them; usually something very psychologically twisted or something with fantastical undertones. However I think Tsutsui-senpai has presented something that I can actually get into.

We Never Learn(僕たちは勉強ができない・Literally: We Can’t Study) is a funny and vibrant slice of life manga that recently started serialization in Shonen Jump (like, really recently … only 1 chapter is out at the time of me writing this post). It follows the life of an arrogant high school student who feels he is a prodigy; a god of academics. He seems to work harder than everyone else in making sure every assignment he submits has been polished, puncuated and perfected with the upmost care. He is, however constantly being outshined by 2 of his classmates, who seem as though they aren’t even really trying..let alone acknowledging his existence at all!

The young boy strives to earn a scholarship that would allow him to enter the school of his choice by completely covering his fees..and learns that he will indeed receive said scholarship…if he helps the 2 other rival students study.

Yes, yes. It sounds strange I know, and it is. But it’s pretty engaging for a first chapter. It presents not only the plot of the story very well, but it also presents the main characters in very fun and interesting  ways. Despite all of this, it doesn’t feel overwhelming at all which makes it an easy and fulfilling read. I’m already impatient as far as reading chapter 2. Be sure to check it out if you’re a fan of slice of life series, and if you’re new to the genre, but don’t have the patience to get up to speed with an older series. As of now unless you have a Jump subscription the most practical way to check this manga is via the internet, but please support the official release. Artist’s have to eat too, you know.








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