NieR: Automata is INSANE!!!

This game is ripping me a new poop shoot … seriously.

I’ve been a fan of  Square Enix games for years. They’ve definitely contributed to my imaginative development as an artist. They’re beautiful, fantastical and epic – as well as LONG, which is always a good package deal when done right. But this…what is this…

NieR: Automata is one of Square’s newest games. Released on February 23rd in Japan for the PS4, it’s the sequal to 2010’s NieR; a spin off of Yoko Taro’s Drakengard series. I’d like to start off which the good. It is gorgeous, and combat is fast and fluid. Camera angles are dynamic, though at times the game locks the angle for an even more dynamic or challenging experience (this can become annoying at times…). The controls are comfy, and the language support is greatly appreciated.

Now..the bad.

I’ve only been playing the prologue. And here’s why.

When you start you receive a message stating … ‘The game doesn’t autosave, so you’ll have to figure that out on your own, champ’ .. pretty much. I thought maybe the save feature could be in the menu? wasn’t there…maybe there’s a save point somewhere on this stage?…

I eventually died, and I thought ‘ok  cool, it’ll probably just send me back a few steps in the stage…or maybe there was a checkpoint of sorts’.

How naive I was… how naive indeed.

My eyes proceeded to roll out of my eye sockets in disbelief as the opening scene of the game proceeded to replay…daaamn…Daaamn …DAAAAAMN!! It’s not like the prologue is extremely long or difficult or anything, but having to do it AGAIN, when you’ve reached the end of it because you die..that’s a pain. So yeah, be warned, the game can be unforgiving very early on. Take that into account before you pick which difficulty you’ll be playing on.

That said, as of now, there isn’t really anything bad about it at all. It’s a very enjoyable game with a story that seems like it’s going to be very deep. I’m just butt hurt and frustrated. Leave me be.



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