The anime sequel to the critically acclaimed NARUTO series is on the horizon, and people have been drowning in anticipation. One concern that a lot of people have conveyed, is whether or not this series can live up to it’s predecessor’s fame…

SPOILERS AHEAD: If you haven’t read any Boruto/Seen the movie, or finished Naruto, I’d advise you to steer clear of this article.

First , let’s get something straight: Boruto will never be another Naruto. Abandon hope. There’s that special sort of magic with franchises like this that only seems to come around with the first installment. A lot of people grew up with Naruto – Some grew up watching it because they liked the fight scenes, plots, and some people actually watched it because they could really relate with Naruto. He was a complete whack job at the beginning of the series; far from perfect, and he had to compete with someone who was revered by many as the personification of perfectiong. Seeing him brave the struggles of shinobi life while fighting to save his best friend was a rewarding experience throughout the years, and it was a pleasure rooting for him as he continued to push forward.

That said, while I’m sure Boruto will be using characters and themes from the previous series as stepping stones in story development and what not, it’s best for fans of the franchise to go into this one with an open mind. Boruto and Naruto, while having very different personalities, were also kids in very different time periods. Naruto was rising as a ninja in a time of conflict and uncertainty (while he himself was a major target for the series antagonists). Boruto (as of now) is a rising ninja in Naruto’s peaceful post-war era, where technological advancements are on the rise and things are a lot more lax. Character development in this series will be very different from the last, but it may be more relatable for today’s kids, who have a lot more available to them than those who were kids while watching Naruto.

Many people when learning who would be taking up the Boruto manga were outraged. They thought Mikio Ikemoto’s art style would butcher the series, but as the months progressed, that buzz died down as Ikemoto, while still staying true to his own art style, started making his characters look more like the characters of the Naruto series. The Boruto anime adaptation will be staying true to the art style of the Naruto anime, so no issues there, but another thing that’s on everyone’s mind now (myself included) is the story.

The Boruto movie had an interesting story as far as the Naruto universe; a kid trying to prove himself to his father – even willing to cheat to get it done, and eventually facing himself while learning that he can earn his father’s approval with his own abilities. It was great to see Naruto as a father, and even more interesting to see that he wasn’t exactly being a very hands on parent, despite him knowing what not having a parent around felt like.

The problem is that this story has been rehashed again…in the Boruto manga. It has taken up most of the manga up until recently, where the story started to actually progress in the direction of a new plot. People were bummed out about it, especially since Boruto is a monthly manga. If the anime series rehashes this story AGAIN, I seriously fear for it’s future. I’m sure , people will watch it, but that would just be the Boruto movie AGAIN..except in weekly, 20-22 minute increments. I’d honestly be fine if it were story-backed filler or something like that. Just please not Boruto the movie AGAIN!!!

The anime is scheduled for an April 5th release. Since the manga only recently ended the Boruto movie arc, I doubt the anime would be taking anything from it anytime soon, so we are pretty much guaranteed to get either a filler arc in the beginning, or ANOTHER BORUTO THE MOVIE rehash. I’m praying for the former. Either way I’m really excited for this anime and I’m happy with how fast an anime adaptation for it was taken up.

So here’s to another 15 years of greatness…hopefully. Good luck Boruto – don’t sh*t on your father’s good name. Please.




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