Last 2 months: Update – Live Streaming starting Soon

I’ve finally scooped up some time to post on the blog and have I got some updates indeed.


I’ve been extremely tied up in overwhelming commission requests (and disputes), as well as working on my own personal project. Though my personal project is optional, I get pretty depressed if I’m just working on commissions all the time and contributing nothing to my own passion – so the last bit of my free time ends up getting soaked up by it. Nevertheless, the attack of the commission requests has ended. and I am now in a grace period; where my freelance work is manageable. and I can work on what I want to.

I still wanted to find a way to do/practice my art while interacting with people. I can spend hours and hours on end on any given piece, but it is quite lonely sometimes. I tend to isolate myself for maximum concentration, but I do tend to find myself … talking to myself … while I work.

Maybe all of the work has made me catch the crazy but … I figured .. 「why not stream? … why not interact with people while I do my thang?」…that way, I could help boost my morale with drawing on cam.. and I wouldn’t seem as crazy while I’m talking to myself! 😀

I don’t have a schedule yet..The beginning will probably be a sh*t storm of test streams and bad quality, but I’ll get it sorted out – Should be fun. I’ll be using Picarto TV, since it seems like the most friendly platform for a chap like me.

Stream link:



Author: daisakadraws

i like to draw things and start my sentences with lowercase letters.

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