Storyboards ★ Drafts: Why planning is an absolute MUST (from the mouth of a former-non believer)

From novice to pro level – it has become a well known practice in the art community to plan out your works first. Though some people feel that they don’t ‘need’ to do this because they see some professionals ‘winging it’ … this blog post is specifically to inform those individuals as to why ‘winging it’ isn’t a very good idea, and how those professionals do what they do.

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Rant: Traditional Vs Digital – Cut the Crap

In 2017, I didn’t think I’d still be hearing this nonsensical debate, but I suppose it can’t be helped. I shall slam my hammer of judgement down on this subject once and for all – and I shall never speak of it again!

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Learning from your favorite artist while staying encouraged

Most of us have that one artist who is just a God to us…maybe their shading is on point, or their lines look so crisp..perhaps their knowledge of color simply soothing..or maybe the artist is just so devilishly handsome/gorgeous…

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The anime sequel to the critically acclaimed NARUTO series is on the horizon, and people have been drowning in anticipation. One concern that a lot of people have conveyed, is whether or not this series can live up to it’s predecessor’s fame…

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Protecting your Imagination from Stressful Living

It can be rough to keep your imagination and creativity safe while braving tough times… but life’s ups and downs shouldn’t be the reason for you throwing in the towel!

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